What is P2P trading? Pioneered by Mpesa and now widely used in Crypto.

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2 min readMar 28, 2022


Kenya as a global leader in P2P Trading.

According to a report by Chainalysis 2021, Kenyans are trading cryptocurrencies directly with each other (“peer to peer transactions” or P2P) more than elsewhere in the world.

P2P is the direct exchange of a digital currency for cash when depositing and the exchange of cash for the digital currency when you want to withdraw.

It is very synonymous with how banks have always worked and a later iteration that gave us Mpesa and Mpesa agents. That you can give a teller/agent cash to make a deposit to your account or return the deposit in your account to get the cash when withdrawing.

P2P on Benkiko.

It’s no mistake Benkiko is Kenyan born. Named a world leader in Financial Innovation, Benkiko implements the concept of P2P exchange to enable users make deposits and withdrawals from the platform.

For it’s Benkiko USD token, P2P traders get the USBD tokens float by buying from Benkiko at real-time dollar rates which they can then trade as P2P traders on the platform facilitating deposits and withdrawals.

Benkiko enables a margin of up to $0.05 on the deposits side and $0.05 on the withdrawals side. Cumulatively, a trader can make up to $0.1 per USDB deposited and withdrawn.

Register to be an agent here; https://tally.so/r/nGVQkw

Passive income opportunities

Benkiko offers a platform like wallet where developers across the globe can build local and niche solutions. With its cross border capabilities and support for 54+ currencies, we are doing the heavy lifting so developers can keep developing.

As a trader making up to $0.1 per USDB moved, Benkiko relies on you to facilitate deposits and withdrawals from the platform. With the growing ecosystem, this means you’ve more regular activities increasing your earning potential.

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We are a digital bank powering faster online micropayments across Africa and beyond. Leveraging new and existing technologies, we are able to facilitate transfer of money and value at near zero fees.

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