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2 min readSep 8, 2021


We have made promise to make your digital life more fluid by enabling you to do more with your money online, instantly and at low fees.

Benkiko is striving to enable you to take advantage of the limitless possibilities online. Think selling goods online through ecommerce sites and social platforms, think working online through freelance sites, think creating content for Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and Tiktok but without all the payment hassles;

  • Unsure payments.
  • Unrealistic fees.
  • Reversals and Chargebacks.

At Benkiko we ask, what if we made it better and consistent to earn from online, to build a business or as a creative to monetize your work.

How are things different with Benkiko?

Benkiko enables its users to send and pay online, easily and at very low fees. About 20% of what you use in transaction fees with other options like Mpesa.
On top of that, we’re making it even faster using a Payment Request Link.

For Online Business
Online business can easily benefit from Benkiko by making it easier for users to pay without the back and forth of asking for payment details. This is achieved by using the Request feature to create a Payment Request Link with or without the price. The user clicks the link shared via WhatsApp or DM to pay directly at very low fees. The link without the price can be put on say Twitter Bio for example and users with click to pay for the item or the one with the amount can be attached to specific items when posting on your socials.

Benkiko Finance — Paying Online Businesses

For Creative and Content Creators
Creators have massive audiences that would love the opportunity to be part of the creators journey by supporting their content and art. This could be to appreciate the effort, for entertaining them, educating them or being informative of given topics. Enable your audience to tip you easily online by adding the link alongside your post, vlog or blog.

Benkiko Finance — Tip content creators

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