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A look at the first copy of our Lite Paper back in 2020.

Our Overview

Benkiko is working to revolutionize how we exchange value online. By using new and existing technologies to allow you to Do More with your money online, instantly and at low fees.

To achieve this, Benkiko has integrated with Stellar Blockchain to allow users to issue digital assets of any kind and exchange of the same, move them between accounts while still facilitating a seamless on/off ramping using existing payment rails like MPesa, and Bank Transfers through a P2P Exchange back to fiat money.

The vision of Benkiko is guided by its simple belief in the freedom you deserve with your money and the precedent set by Bitcoin and other decentralized protocols that came after it; Open, Transparent and Borderless.

Benkiko allows you to create value online, transfer and transact it across the globe, instantly and at low fees. With support for over 170+ currencies, Benkiko will work hard to avail complete SDKs that allow developers anywhere in the world to build business use cases relying on Benkiko as the Payment rail.

Our Foundation

This is the rebirth of Open, self-sovereign finance.

Benkiko puts you in control of your money. Think of barter trade where you could trade one item for the other. Benkiko enables you to issue digitally exchangeable units that represent any physical item on offer to trade and you can be guaranteed the trade will proceed instantly in an open marketplace for an item you want.

This is the power of decentralization. That you don’t have to rely on a unit of account issued and governed by a third party but one which is community-led and serves you.


Barter trade on steriods.

Tokenization allows us to issue rights to a real-world asset or item on a blockchain where an owner of the rights has a claim to the real-world unit.

Using our integration with Stellar, Benkiko and the community will be able to issue and trade custom tokens representing just anything of economic value in what we call A 6 Tier Economy.

Tokens allow us to turn communities into micro-economies with a communal unit of account. This makes them self-sustaining and able to assign and facilitate transfer of value between members and other communities outside.

Essentially, this allows every industry of whatever magnitude to tokenize itself in what would be similar IPOs but for Everyone.

This is well captured in our 6 Tier Economy as shown in the table below;

Benkiko 6 tie economy

Tokens treat money as a commodity thus exposing them to the Laws of Demand and Supply. With a limited supply, prices of tokens thus become actions of demand.

Benkiko is based on the Chicago School of Economics and inspired mainly The Theory of Money by Milton Friedman and other great economists and thought leaders of his time on matters of free markets and economic theories; Von Mises, Friedrich Hayek, Adam Smith and more.

According to his Monetary theory, Friedman believed that the demand for money must be influenced by the same factors that influence the demand for other assets.

By this definition, tokenization is like barter trade with a high transaction speed powered by the internet. You could instantly trade a token representing a cow for a token representing a sack of wheat like our forefathers but with anyone across the globe at the click of a button.

Tokens could represent anything of value online allowing anyone to own, trade, transfer and accept as payment with great transaction atomicity.

Benkiko treats all its transactions as barter trade with the final exchange recorded in our user’s currency of choice for taxes and legal reasons.

With this in mind, Benkiko is then able to serve the incoming Digital Economy. Allowing its users to create digital value and facilitate trading and transfer of it across borders thus strengthening their businesses and their local economies.

Our Vision

Democratize access to modern financial tools in the digital age.

Our Mission

To enable everyone to earn and spend online with ease, convenience and at low fees.

Our Positioning statement

Benkiko powers your digital lifestyle by enabling you to do more with your money online, instantly and at low fees.

Our Value Proposition

Govern the communities of tomorrow’s communities.


Benkiko will focus its roadmap mainly on feedback from the community and interaction with changes in the crypto industry at large. In its endeavors to transform how we interact and use money, Benkiko will remain committed to its vision To power the New Digital Economy through digital first payments.

In so doing, here is the roadmap to this end;

V. 1.0. — Homestead

  • Send, Request and Scan feature.
  • P2P Exchange.

V.2.0 — Nairobi Upgrade

  • Swap exchange.
  • Benkiko Coin — $BNK token.

V. 3.0 — Africana Upgrade

  • A non-custodial service.
  • DApps Development ecosystem.

V. 4.0 — Seneca Upgrade

  • Use of Keys as digital signatures.
  • DeFi borrowing, lending and LP services.


Nothing herein constitutes an offer to sell, or the solicitation of an offer to buy, any securities or tokens.

Money for everybody, by everyone

Distributed ledger technologies revolutionize the way people interact with one another, while the P2P economy is just at the brink of the new era of individual money, where everyone has something to offer.

Just like YouTube unleashed the creative powers of many among us, Benkiko is aiming to help the “long tail” of businesses and consumers benefit from digital assets advantages over fiat money, also known as “national currencies.”

Lite paper v.1.0.0 // 12-04-2020.



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