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Benkiko P2P and how you can make commission being an agent.

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Benkiko mainly uses Peer to Peer exchange of its digital token USDB to facilitate deposits and withdrawals.
This is a hybrid of Mpesa agency network and the normal P2P exchange of cryptocurrencies available on Binance P2P, Paxful, Localbitcoins, Bitzlato and more.

What is P2P and how does it work.
P2P exchange is the direct exchange of cryptocurrencies for cash and cash for cryptocurrencies between peer individuals. This way, there is no intermediary between them and one sets the price to sell at and the other agrees to buy directly from the seller at the said price.

Benkiko Finance — p2p exchange

This is similar to Mpesa agency network only that the intermediary is Safaricom and it guarantees the trust.
How exactly? With Mpesa, you hand over cash to an agent to make an equivalent deposit on a 1:1 basis with the Kenya shilling to your Mpesa. With cryptocurrencies, measures are put in place to guarantee trust as there is no intermediary between peers, i.e P2P Agents. With this measures in place, you can now initiate a deposit by sending the P2P agent cash and the agent making an equivalent deposit to your crypto wallet.

Unlike with Mpesa where the agents earn commission from Safaricom, in a P2P scenario the agent sets their own margin as they operate independently and stand to gain more….

How to be a P2P Agent on Benkiko.
As with any other P2P service, there is no formal application process to be an agent. This opens the doors to any individual to be an agent making their own commissions from facilitating deposits and withdrawals.
Unlike Mpesa whose deposits are 1:1 based on the Kenya shilling (KES), Benkiko uses a digital token called Benkiko USD (USDB) which is 1:1 based on the US Dollar.

Benkiko Finance — Benkiko USD stablecoin

How to facilitate Deposits and Withdrawals on Benkiko;
It takes only a few steps to be a P2P agent on Benkiko, helping our users deposit and withdraw funds easily at your own profit margins. Here is how;

  • Step 1: Set up your Account and add Payment Methods.
    After setting up your Benkiko account, ensure to add Mpesa, Banks or your preferred payment method depending on your country.
  • Step 2: Buy USDB float by depositing to your account.
    Like Mpesa agents, you need float in your account to fulfil deposits and withdrawals. Use mobile money or bank to buy your float with Benkiko. Being a dollar based token, Benkiko sells the USDB float at current USD/KES rates, with the agent allowed to sell at margins of up to Ksh 5 per dollar.
  • Step 3: Transfer float from Current account to P2P account.
    The current account acts as your spending account with the P2P account separating funds you’d want to use for deposits and withdrawals.
    Go to Utilities, select Transfer and transfer from Current to P2P account.
  • Step 4: Create a Sell Advert.
    Like an Mpesa agent sells his float, on Benkiko create an advert to sell your float. Having bought float at market rate, you can increase your dollar margins by up to Ksh 5 when selling USDB to depositors.
  • Step 5: Create a Buy Advert.
    The goal is to facilitate deposits and withdrawals, buy adverts are for withdrawals as users sell back their USDBs to you to withdrawal. For buy ads, the margins are up to Ksh 5 below market rate per USDB.
  • Step 6: Save ads and start processing deposit and withdraw orders.
    On average a deposit or a withdrawal takes 2mins from deposit initiation to completion.
    Benkiko has implement a secure process to minimize any chance of fraud or lose of your hard earned money and our customer support is always available 24/7 to resolve any dispute between peers.

Wit the above flow, everyone can easily become a P2P agent facilitating peer deposits and withdrawals to mobile money and banks. This opens up more opportunity to you to earn passive income.
From the above margins, an agent can make up to Ksh 10 per dollar deposited and withdrawn.

Future outlook.

Benkiko P2P is currently available in 5 markets; Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, Ghana and Nigeria with more than 5 popular payment methods in every country. Deposits are also possible for mobile money, banks and cards for various currencies globally.
As more and more P2P agents come on board, there will be enough ads to support near instant deposits and withdrawals though the bigger goals is to enable you to pay for every good and service you need.

Benkiko Finance — Online shops payments

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