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Benkiko and The Digital Economy

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2 min readAug 27, 2021


What you need to know about Benkiko….

As a digital bank, Benkiko enables you to deposit, send, receive and withdraw money instantly. Through cheaper transaction fees, instant transaction and an easy to use interface, you can now transact, pay businesses, tip content creators and Do More with your money.

Why Benkiko?

As more and more businesses come online, and more opportunities to make a living for freelancers, content creators, and creatives, there is a need for a Digital friendly bank. One that can allow you to get paid easily online.

With the internet providing more job opportunities in the form of gig and freelance work and advantages to small businesses to marketing their goods and services to a large audience easily, there is a need for an even better payment way for these opportunities which is cheaper, faster and digital first.

Benkiko Finance — Powering the digital economy.


Benkiko fees are tailored to be pocket friendly and apply globally. #WithBenkiko, you can send and pay in over 175 countries instantly at the same fees. To support the digital economy, Benkiko is making it easier, cheaper and better for you to do local and international business bordelessly. Which means More Possibility for you.

Benkiko Finance — Near zero transaction fees


Benkiko is feature packed for all your financial transactions needs, enabling you to pay online and physically, send and receive money from anywhere in the world at near zero fees.

  • P2P powered Deposits and Withdrawals — Peer to peer deposits and withdrawals enable you to deposit easily through local payments methods such as Mpesa, other mobile money options, Bank Accounts, etc. Benkiko has payment methods available for 5 markets; Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana, Tanzania and Uganda.
  • Send — This allows you to send money to your close contacts or a given user via their Username.
  • Request — The feature allows you to request payment from another user easily through a Payment Request Link or a QR code. The link can be shared online by online shops, content creators and on click a User can send money to the request seamlessly. The QR can be used for in-store purchases by printing it on the wall or in matatus where users scan and pay on the go.
  • Scan — Enables users to scan shop QR codes and pay easily.

We’ll be covering each specific feature in details and how they enable Benkiko to give your digital lifestyle a new exciting phase.

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